What’s UP👆???

What’s UP??

We always use these words very very usually. It’s like a part of routine. What’s up bro, what’s up guys etc etc. We didn’t know how it came into our routine. But very very long ago, (ancient) people used to look at what’s up in the day & night skies. They used to see & get amazed about sun’s dramatic movements, moon’s classic crescents, glittering little stars! During ancient “times” people didn’t had watches on their wrist & on their home walls.

So they used to see what’s up there in the sky. Which is the brightest or dimmer star around. Or which star used to rise & sets at particular time period. So to memorize it or say to understand it, they started joining the star-dots by imaginary lines and made familiar shapes or patterns. Like a bull, lion, fish, sheep, snake, bear, deer, dog, crab, horse etc etc …. Alongside they also made geometrical figures such as square, triangle, pentagon, rectangle etc. So by reading these relevant shapes or animals, you might have realised that these animals represents many of your Sun signs (Rashis). So to summarise it, I will say that these stars were nothing but an ancient man’s clock & calendar!!

Few days ago, I had posted an Insta story of Star pattern naming “ What’s Deer doing there up?” So today or by end of this month (January 2022) if you look up overhead in the night sky around 9-10 pm, you will see a rectangle with 3 prominent stars in a line inside that rectangle. That’s group of stars is nothing but the one of the most easy and famous star group or say Constellation called as the Orion or Mriga nakshatra. If you haven’t seen Orion yet, still you have time. Look up around 9-10 pm, you will see Orion overhead. So this entire sky globe has been divided into many (to be precise 88) parts, called as constellations.

So from now onwards, I will be sharing the (actual) “Stories” behind these stars. The stories are from Indian mythology and also from Greek or Arabian mythologies. Along with the some interesting scientific facts & secrets as well!!

So next time whenever I (or anyone) says, “ What’s Up??” then surprisingly you might give scientifically correct answers! After all “ Hum Science ki taraf se hai!”

So, stay awake to see the Marvels of the deep dark skies! ✨

©️ Ambarish Pawar


4 thoughts on “What’s UP👆???”

  1. Kanchan Mangaonkar

    What’s up?

    One of my friends used to talk about Orion. But I couldn’t find the correct one. I notice the kite which is placed beside the Orion.

    Thanks for the article!

    Eager to know more about other constellations.

  2. Wonderful initiative. We need this information to know how our ancestors studied space without any aids or instruments and how they interpreted and used it.

  3. Good narration and start dear….Will also able to read the story of “Deer” up in the sky….I will give you stars for this article

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